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Mantra Services are surveying company based in Northamptonshire focussed on the three core areas of utility mapping and radar surveys. Those are
Services Plan Searches, Detection Surveys and Services Verification.

All of our surveys are carried out in accordance with PAS128:2014 Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location. This document is considered industry best practice for utility surveying service providers.

Download Sample Survey Data:

Sample Utility Mapping Survey Report

Sample Utility Search Report

Why a Utility Survey?

A comprehensive utility survey should be a principle task in any construction process. Accurate and up to date sub-surface information can help to minimise the following; delays, disruptions, re-designs, unnecessary work, personal injury and damage to third party assets.

A utility survey, also known as a radar survey combined with utility owner searches and verification of some critical or all of the located assets will greatly reduce on site risk whilst ensuring all stakeholders in the project are complying with their obligations under CDM.

Further information and different survey options:

PAS 128:2014 Frequently Asked Questions

|There are three core elements to a PAS 128:2014 Utility Survey |

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